Group presentation for "a new generation" Project

Saturday, December 9, 2017, 9am


The attached 5 Strategies from Lee Kricher's book, "For a New Generation" was a part of our leaders meeting study in October.  We went through each of the strategies briefly and Pastor Hill introduced the assignment:

Leaders will break up into assigned groups (see assignments below) and review their assigned strategy and answer the discussion question at the bottom of strategy sheet sheet as it reflects to the Streams Church.   Assigned group leaders should compile the responses from your team members (see attached worksheets in the back of the handout) and prepare to present them at our upcoming Leaders Meeting (Sat., Nov 11, 2017).

Feel free to meet in person or via conference call (more than once) to discuss and compile your notes.

Strategy #1 - Adopt a New Mindset

Group Leader: Ernest D.

Team:  M. Crowe, Crystal J., Pamela A., Farrell P., Vicki T.

Strategy #2 - Identify the Essentials

Group Leader:  Pastor Tyler

Team: Andrea B., Randall T., Patricia B., Fred Q., W. Bragg

Strategy #3 - Reduce the Distractions

Group Leader: Sharon Thompson-Hill

Team:  Q. Paige, Yvette J., Therese T., Derryll G.

Strategy #4 - Elevate Your Standards

Group Leader:  Pastor Carol

Team:  Lucille S., Antwone H., Charlesetta M., Ian D.

Strategy #5 - Build a Mentoring Culture

Group Leader: Tuesday T.

Team: Paul B., Carla M., Gladys T., Sharon H., Ryan P.

If you'd like to read more from the author, you can order (or download a Kindle copy) of the book from  "For A New Generation" by Lee Kricher.  Not a requirement, but would be enlightening to the process.