Mission Move Spare Change Fundraiser

"I ran across a simple and unique savings app a couple of years ago that simply takes the spare change from daily purchases and invests it into an investment savings account.  The money will earn interest over time and can be withdrawn at any time without incurring a penalty. 

After saving over $1000.00 myself, I thought: 'this would be a great way for our members to raise funds for Mission Move!"     Pastor Hill

"Since I've been using Acorns, I've saved enough to use toward Christmas gifts this year without upsetting my normal  budget."   Ernie Duncan

Here's how it works:

(Example) You make a purchase (using your debit card) of $3.75 at Walmart.  Acorns will automatically round up your purchase to the nearest dollar amount (in this case $4.00) and invest .25 cents into your Acorns savings account.

It doesn't matter where the purchase is made, Acorns will round up and save the difference for you.

The only cost you pay to Acorns to manage this process and your account is only $1/month (which is deducted from your spare change).

What if ...

... every member signed up to donate their spare change to Mission Move?  And (for example) every time their Acorns account hit $100, they withdrew the $100 and made a contribution to Mission Move.  

We could post a visible tote board with a list of participating members and the total amount of spare change they have donated each month.  The amount on the board would reflect an accumulative total of spare change received from the start to the end of the program. The board would also motivate other members and maybe family of members who may wish to participate in the fundraiser. 

(sample draft of the monthly tote board)

spare change fundraiser.png

Check out these videos about the Acorns "Spare Change" Savings Program.

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