Effective Immediately, our Sunday Service Time has changed:

From: 11:00am to 10:15 am


We have made a wise decision to change the start time of our weekly Sunday Worship service to better accommodate you and the ministry flow.  


The time has changed from 11am to 10:15am.  Over the past two Sundays we have met at 10:15am to celebrate our anniversary (last Sunday) and once again this Sunday as we celebrate with New Wineskin Ministrie's anniversary service.  (By the way, you don't want to miss Apostle Tetsola this Sunday!).  Since we're already on a roll, we'll continue meeting at 10:15am for our regular weekly Sunday services as well.  Set your alarm clocks so you don't forget!


Here are a few benefits of the new service time:


1.  Sunday School.  More members are attending the 9am Sunday School classes and others are considering it.  The earlier worship time will not add to a long day of worship.  This will also be of benefit to our new members when we jump-start our FAST TRACK New Members classes.  Immediately following Sunday School our worship service will begin.


2.  Nursery.  Pastor Carol has accepted the task of organizing and bringing new life to the Nursery facility at NWM (New Wineskin).  The Streams is producing a lot of new babies and it's time to provide an added convenience for parents with babies and toddlers as needed while we're still at NWM.  We will be partnering with NWM with the nursery and the time change will coincide with NWM's worship service.  Nursing moms and those needing to feed or pacify the restless ones will be able to connect with worship while in the nursery as NWM's nursery/cry room is directly connected to their main sanctuary.  We will be encouraging parents and others to volunteer at least one Sunday each month to assist in the Nursery.  


3.  Adequate time for Hispanic Church service preparation.  The Hispanic Church that utilizes the sanctuary following our Sunday service will now have plenty of time to setup following our service.  As you know, in the past we have had to encourage our members and visitors to quickly leave the sanctuary following service for this reason.  This time change will allow extra time for "lingering fellowship" as well as extended ministry time following benediction.


4.  Family Fellowship.  Since we will be dismissing earlier, members will have more time to spend with family and friends.  Fellowship is still a vital part of the worship experience.


I love it when a plan comes together!  Working together works!

(P.S.  Pass the word along to your family members and friends)


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