Instructions for taking the Spiritual Gifts/Personality Profile Test

The purpose of this test is to determine your best fit for ministry service. While the results may not be 100% accurate, it is usually close enough to give you and the ministry an idea as to your gifting when matched with your personality.

Once you log on to take the test, you will need to register. There is no charge to take the test as the church as absorbed that cost for you. YOU WILL need to enter a special ACCESS CODE (8D7DC8) in order to bypass any charges. If a cost is required once you register, you have missed a step or have failed to enter the access code.

Below is a sample of the registration screens. Make sure you review before you begin. You will only need to enter information for the fields that are highlighted. Once you have completed the registration, you will be taken into the online test. When you complete, the church will automatically receive a copy of your results to input into the church database. You will also receive a detailed copy of your results. Take your time and read through it thoroughly .

Someone will be contacting you to go over your results and assist you in finding the best fit for you in ministry service. Have fun!

Pastor A. Thomas Hill

Disclaimer: The access code is for Streams Members ONLY and should not be given out to anyone outside The Streams Church without the permission of the pastor. There is a cost associated with each test.