Welcome to the Prayer Room

We welcome you to join the Prayer Room Prayerline daily at 6:30am EST.  You can call in anonymously and just listen, or feel free to share or pray as directed by the prayer moderator.  How to connect to the daily Prayer Room Prayerline:

1.  Dial (530) 881-1212

2.  Enter ID# 260665363 (when prompted)

3.  You're now connected and free to listen or participate.

4.  Live Prayer Requests will be taken on the Prayerline from 6:30am-6:40am (EST) each morning. 

5.  If you choose to share or pray when prompted by the prayer moderator, just press *6 to unmute your phone.  If your phone also has a mute button, make sure it is unmuted as well.  Once you finish sharing or praying, be sure to *6 again to mute your line.  

Note:  Muting your line will eliminate any background noises from each callers location and allow everyone to hear clearly.



Download:  7-Days of Consecration Prayer Journal (2017)

The above Prayer Journal is for the 7 Day Consecration period June 5-11, 2017.  The journal is in booklet form and pages will not be in chronological order when printed as single pages, however, page numbers and journal dates are noted on each page for an easy follow for each day.