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 Preparation for tonight’s New Year’s Eve WATCH NIGHT Praise Party:

  1. Place something that represents the old in a bag or envelope and bring to the Watch Night service: things in 2018 that have tested your faith and wants to keep you from moving forward into the plans and promises God has in store for you in 2019. It might be a copy of a health diagnosis, an outstanding debt, a divorce decree, a foreclosure notice, a negative job evaluation, a court summons, pending repossession of property, etc.

  2. Important: All objects in the bag/envelope will be destroyed, so make sure it’s something you can release. You will not take it back home after the service. If it’s a document, you might make a copy of one or two of the pages to place in the bag. The contents WILL NOT BE viewed by anyone prior to being destroyed.

  3. When you arrive at the service, place the bag/envelope containing the object on the altar and leave it there.

  4. Get ready to put a PRAISE ON IT as we let go of the OLD and prepare to step into the NEW!

     “Therefore, if anyone is IN CHRIST, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” (2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV) 


                Every January there is a natural tendency to “redo over” things that we’ve failed to accomplish the previous year.  We intentionally make New Year’s resolutions in hopes of not repeating the usual pattern of beginning well but ending not so well.  Many have been made to believe that there’s something magical about the first month of a new year - if it doesn’t happen in January then hope is deferred until next January.  As long as we continue with this train of thought, we will inevitably fall prey to the continual cycle of attempting to do on our own what only God can do through us.  The Apostle Paul intimates that a metamorphic phenomenon (a new creation) is promised to all who are “in Christ”.  We’re not waiting for it to arrive, THANK GOD, it has already come!   We can now boldly declare, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil. 4:13).  Choose to DO NEW! 




               The Apostle Paul uses the backdrop of yesterday to highlight the promise of today and the hope for tomorrow.  He emphatically states, “the old has gone!”  Unless you accept this fact, you will always find yourself recycling the past in an attempt to create a new present.  When we restrict our expectations for better within a single month, we forfeit the promises intended for us in the remaining 11 months.  However, when we practice each day dismissing the old, we begin living each new day afresh.  The trash container in my kitchen was not designed to keep trash in my home, but rather to periodically dispose of its content; removing it from the house and replacing the container with a new bag daily.  Once it’s removed from my house, it’s forgotten; I never miss it.  If we could practice taking out the trash of our lives daily just as we do in the natural, we can experience the new God intended.  Choose to DO NEW!




What are you waiting on?  Paul makes it clear; we’re not waiting on the better to arrive, it’s already here!  The new is here!  Today and every day that I continue to practice living “in Christ”, leaving the past behind, I experience the new that gives me hope and promise for a healthier, better me each and every day.  


It’s you!

p.s. If you missed Pastor Tyler’s message: “I’m All In!”, you can listen to it now by clicking here. We will be using that theme to kick off our plans for 2019! Stay tuned.