mission move update

Healing streams family & friends:

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


These are exciting times in The Streams!  Every day we get closer to our move, the greater the excitement.  We continue to get prophetic insights from different ones concerning this next GREAT move (which is both spiritual as well as physical).  I find it quite humorous how God has worked us all the way to the 11th hour in every move we've made (beginning with the Walker Theater), yet I find it quite reassuring that in every move he always comes through, and our faith is strengthened.  

We will gather this evening (12/28) from 6:30pm-8:30pm to continue packing for our move.  Hope to see you in the house!

We are still in the final stages of solidifying the business for our new Worship Center.  I can't express how extremely important it is for everyone to complete your seed pledge between now and December 31, 2016 (this Saturday).  This seed will be necessary for the final process. 

Having problems securing the balance of your seed by the 31st?  Why not pray over the next 3 days and ask the Lord where you can find your seed. 

When Jesus and Peter were confronted with paying the temple tax in Matthew chapter 17, it was obvious that they didn't have it at the time, but Jesus solved the present dilemma by instructing Peter where he could find it.  He directs him to the least suspecting place to secure the tax for both of them - the mouth of a fish.  In other words, he sends Peter to a familiar place (the sea) and a familiar profession (fishing) to secure what was needed that day.  It was there where he found what he needed.  It might just be that God will direct you to the familiar to receive the seed we need in 3 days.  Don't doubt - just pray and trust that He can do the same for you, and ultimately for us all.

I am confident that we are right on time and in time for this move.  We're making plans to worship in our new sanctuary Sunday, January 8, 2017! 

Note:  Our final service at Christ Church is this Saturday, December 31, 2016 (New Years Eve Watch Night), from 10pm to Midnight.  It will be a night of celebration as we move from one year to the next - from one place to the next - and from what WAS yesterday to what WILL BE tomorrow! 

See you tonight at 6:30pm!

Pastor Hill