Brace For Impact (Remix)

Stay motivated with this sermon remix! "The promise is closer than you think."

We're moving into a season where God is not only answering prayer, but thoughts. Has God ever done something in your life, that you didn't pray for but He showed up? We're moving into a season where every expression of your heart is about to be heard before heaven.

Everything about you is designed to move forward. You were designed to make it! There's no stop in you, there's no quit in you, there's no give up in you. Get rid of the towel so you won't have to throw it in! You were designed to make it.

Everything about you is 'conqueror,' everything about you says 'success,' everything about you says 'I will be blessed!' Everything about you has been crafted to make it. The Bible says you've been fearfully and wonderfully do what!? To make it! To reach the destination. 

I release, power to focus. Pay attention! Power to focus! Power to pay attention. Power to stay on course. Power to drive to where God's calling you to be. Power to focus!

How do I press, Paul? Give me the instructions on how to press. Paul says, first of all, you have to forget what is behind. Before you can even reach forward, I need you to reach with some tenacity that you don't care what you went through before. I need you to reach forward without the fear of what happened last time. I need you to forget. Don't even start to press until you forget. God has to get rid of dead weight. Shake that thing off! If you're going to move forward with the kind of speed that God wants to give you, you must get rid of dead weight. 

Paul says, "forget what is behind." I strain, I reach, toward what's ahead. I press ... its when you've reached as far as you can, but something in you says if I could just get ... a few more ... I know if I just keep ... I've never reached this far before but I know if ... just give me a few more inches ... Paul said "I press!"

Everybody's not going to understand your press. They're going to say "what are you reaching for?" "What is it that you see? Why are you so faithful, why do keep serving, why do you keep giving?" They haven't seen what you've seen. They didn't hear what God promised you. They didn't get the same word. But because you heard it, and because you saw it, there's a (press). 

"I know this is mine! I know this is what He's called me to!" Paul says, "I press!" Its when you're so close to a thing you can't even imagine giving up. When you've invested so much into a thing that you can't turn around at this point. "I've got too much sweat equity in this thing to turn back now."

You've seen something. God says if I'm going to get you to press, I first have to get you to see something. I've got to give you supernatural power to focus in, to lock your coordinates in on this thing and believe that I can get you there. That's why the Bible says Faith is the substance of things hoped for. Its "I'm not in the building yet, but I've got the substance, the crumbs, pieces of the foundation." Faith is the substance! "You can't tell me this isn't mine!" Faith, real faith, has already been there. Real faith. I've been there, I'm preaching from the future because I've already been in the services downtown, I've already heard the worship, I've already seen the harvest. Real faith, is substance. It's not just a hope, God's given you substance, to taste it before its cooked.

There are some promises that God has put in your reach, but some are going to require you to stretch your faith. That means you're going to have to trust God for some stuff that you've never seen before; some places you've never walked before; some areas you've never trusted Him in before.

Straining requires stretching. If I were to hand rubber bands out all over this place and I said "take a shot at me, lets go." The people in the back are going to have to stretch further than the people in the front. It's going to take a lot for the back row to hit me. Why? Because it's going to take some more tension. Some of you are wondering why all this tension in my life right now? Why is this happening right now? Why is this relationship straining right now? Why are my finances straining? What is this tension? And God says, I've got to pull back far enough to push you where I need you to go. There's a destination further than where you are. If you give me time I can ... just a few more days ... before I release the blessing in your life. Straining requires stretching.

God's giving you supernatural faith to focus, so that you can see the promise is closer than you think.