A Miracle Prayer & Praise

Tryphena Bolden lead prayer at Healing Streams Sunday morning October 2, 2016, and called forth those looking for a miracle.  She proceeds to pray but enters into a praise break full of joy and laughter.  The message by Pastor Thomas Hill (following her prayer) that morning was "An Appointment for a Miracle", and 2 days later she was in an early morning auto accident after praising God again with laughter on the early morning PrayerLine.  Her car was hit broadside, turned over with her hanging from her seatbelt.  She was pulled from her car and attended to by two persons trained in the medical field before the paramedics arrived and after going to the hospital, discovered that the only outcome was a cracked sternum (which by the way was created by God to protect the heart, lungs and major blood vessels from injury!)  It heals itself!

Her car was totaled but not her!  It was clear that she had her miracle appointment Tuesday morning.  The prayer she prayed and the praise she released that Sunday morning covered her for a Tuesday morning miracle appointment.  Don't stop praying, your miracle appointment is set - confirm your appointment with prayer & praise like Tryphena.  It works!

When God Breaks Your Bread

"Jesus expects you to do, what is outside of your natural ability.
There is a supernatural expectation on your life.
And God will use your hands to exceed expectations."

You are the method through which God will produce exceeding and abundant results. You are the tipping point.

Jesus told them to feed the crowd, and the disciples immediately began to think about what they didn't have. You'll never experience the miracle that favor will finance, if you're stuck in the fear of lack. Fear is the absence of focus. Faith looks, fear turns away.

How many times have we reasoned our way out of a miracle that we failed to put in any effort to look for. Don't downplay the provision, because that's the very thing that God can multiply. It just needs to change hands. The all you got is all God needs to produce a miracle.