Wednesdays 7pm

The Streams Church (New Wineskin Chapel)

4501 W. 38th Street, Indianapolis, IN




Pastor A. Thomas Hill

Wednesdays 6:45pm-8:30pm (preservice prayer & worship 6:45pm)

The Streams Church, 4501 W. 38th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46254

(chapel of New Wineskin Ministries)

The Apostle Paul shares with New Testament Believers that every child of God has been given one or more gifts to share in the building up of the Body of Christ.  He makes it clear that the Holy Spirit works each of the gifts in and through us, and is responsible for distributing them as He wills (1 Corinthians 12:11).  

This particular series focuses on the nine manifestations or gifts of the Holy Spirit which can be divided into three categories:  

Three spiritual gifts that reveal something (Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge and Discerning of Spirits).

Three spiritual gifts that do something (Gift of Faith, Gifts of Healings and Working of MIracles).

Three spiritual gifts that say something (Prophecy, Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues).  

The objective of this study is to enlighten believers of their spiritual gift(s) and instruct them as to how the Holy Spirit desires to operate the gift(s) through them for the purpose of building up the Body.