Thursday, March 2, 2017, 7p-8:15p


This past Sunday's message: An Interruption In The Mission (Joshua chapter 2), features a Canaanite prostitute in Jericho by the name of Rahab who provided the two spies (sent by Joshua) with information that secured their Jericho victory.  Tonight we will explore key questions about the character Rahab:

1.  Why would God use a prostitute to ensure victory for the Israelites first confrontation after crossing the Jordan?

2.  Why did she use an event that happened 40 years ago to convince the spies of the condition of the people of Jericho?

3.  How did she know so much about Israel without meeting them?

4.  What was the significance of the red scarlet rope?

5.  What were the three conditions that she and the spies agreed to?

6.  How did she end up in the family line of Jesus Christ?

7.  Who does Rahab represent in the New Testament Church?

All of these and other questions we will explore at tonight's study. 

Pre-service Prayer:  6:30p-7:00p

Study: 7:00p - 8:15p

Chapel of New Wineskin Ministries . 4501 W. 38th Street, Indianapolis