May 4, 2019

Click here to listen to the audio of the May Leaders Meeting.

Key issues from leaders meeting to listen for:

  • Restoring order: on time for for service, proper attire for leaders, giving, service prep, etc.

  • Pastor hands off of duties assigned to leaders

  • All leaders required to be present no later than 9:30a Sunday’s.

  • Offering returning to mid service beginning tomorrow (major shortfall of offering last Sunday)

  • Midweek Connect: serving meal every Thursday. Raising funds to supplement those assigned to preparing meals ($100/week)

  • Midweek teachers MUST communicate with their class prior to every 1st and 3rd week small groups/classes. Encourage attendance!

  • Sharon to facilitate Midweek teacher conference call prior to each week. Discuss plans for next meeting and address challenges.

  • and a number of other topics noted in recording.

    Please listen to entire recording and email or text me confirming you did so. Pastorhill@hswwc.com.