"The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it!"  (1 Thes. 5:24)


  • Mission Move Update:
    • Property Search Update
    • Word of Encouragement from Mortgage Broker
    • Pledge/Building Fund Update
      • Fundraiser: Upon This Rock Program Book Ads
    • Word from Apostle John Tetsola (April 23, 2017): "in a span of 3 to 4 months ..."
    • Traditional Loan downpayment: 20%
      • Loan approved for $600k ($120k downpayment)
      • Mission Move Balance: $65k (Ideal goal: $55k to reach 20% of approved loan)
      • Other Fundraiser Ideas
    • Drive-by Prayer Revived
    • Pre-Service Midweek Prayer (6:30pm-7pm) - Wednesdays
  • Children's Church (Interim)
  • Sunday Services
    • Leave sanctuary by 1pm (allow time for Hispanic Church service that follows)
    • (Ushers) Ensure trash and other items removed immediately following service.
    • No eating and drinking in sanctuary (feed children outside sanctuary).
  • VBS (Combined with New Wineskin) - June 22-24, 2017
  • Food Pantry (NWM) Partnership



·       All Leaders and Ministry Volunteers who serve on Sundays must be present no later than one hour (10am) prior to service start at New Wineskin (NWM).  This includes specifically:

o   Ushers & Greeters

o   Praise Team

o   Audio & Video Team

o   Ministers and Leaders (Pre-Service Prayer)

o   Storehouse Ministry Team

o   Care Ministry/Altar Workers/GAP Ministry

o   Pastor’s Armor Bearers

·       Because of limited work space and equipment, it is important that we improvise by (in some cases) preparing before we arrive and in other cases implementing a plan to prepare within the hour prior to service start.  Everyone should be prepared to give a hand in other areas as needed to ensure a smooth worship flow.

·       Preparation notes for each area is as follows:

o   Weekly Bulletins (Mom Bragg/Pastor Hill/Pastor Carol).  Mom Bragg continues to prepare bulletins from her home office and forwards to Pastor by Wednesday for final edits.  Pastor forwards to Pastor Carol to print at the Daycare no later than Friday and delivered to NWM by 10am Sunday.  This also includes any special bulletin inserts.  Andrea Boxsley: Pastor thinking of a way you can assist.

o   Ushers & Greeters (Mom Crowe).   Usher volunteers should be on hand no later than 10am to stuff bulletins with envelopes and inserts.  Others should be assisting with other areas needing assistance.  Ushers and Greeters should be on their assigned posts no later than 10:30am.

o   Praise Team (Ian Dunlop).   All team members should arrive no later than 10am to go over songs for service.  If a rehearsal is missed during the week, the team should arrive no later than 9:30am Sunday to prepare.  Pre-service rehearsal should end by 10:45am and the team should open service promptly at 11am.  The team should also be prepared to sing during offering and during Call to Discipleship following the sermon. 

o   Audio Team (Randall Thurman).    All team members should be present no later than 10am to prepare mics for sound check, prepare or load song lyrics, scripture slides, and sermon slides into powerpoint.  The pastors will email sermon powerpoint slides to Randall & Antwone (Ian backup) Sunday morning by 10am.  Check your phone text messages for communication from Pastor Hill. 

o   Video camera/Livestream unit/SD card (Antwone).   Derryll has been backup for the camera but has almost become primary.  Since Antwone has to work every other weekend, we need to get other volunteers trained and involved (Collie Lynch is ready to assist).  Antwone, important that you communicate and assign volunteers in your absence.  This should be communicated and finalized no later than Saturday evening.  Missing SD Cards a problem.  Need to arrive at a plan to copy video from card and return cards to camera for service use.  Pastor Hill to train volunteer and backup on setting up Livestream for upcoming services.  Livestream should be ready to roll at 11am and stopped when Call to Discipleship ends.

o   Ministers & Leaders Pre-Service Prayer (Sharon Thompson-Hill).   We meet in Bishop Johnson's office and conference room from 10:15am-10:45am.

o   Storehouse Ministry (Therese Tucker).   Ernie Duncan to meet with Therese and her team to setup a safe and secure plan regarding monies received and processed while at NWM.  Lucille: see Pastor Hill regarding access to online reports.  Therese: continue to report weekly receipts electronically.

o   Care Ministry/Altar Works/GAP Ministry (Lucille Sutton/Pam Adams).  Lucille: We need to establish a strategy for processing new members following Call to Discipleship.  Suggest we have an area in the back of chapel reserved for that purpose.  Make sure we have intake forms and any other information ready.  We should also have a “welcome packet” or something ready to give them before they leave.  Until we get settled, give all completed new member forms to Pastor Carol before leaving Sunday.  Pam:  The GAP/Altar Workers should continue as usual during Call to Discipleship.  Min. Derryll & Pastor Tyler, need you to be prepared to come up with the altar workers during the Call to minister to men responding.

o   Pastor’s Armor-Bearers (Derryll Golder/Fred Quarles).  Armor-bearers should be on site no later than 10am.  During this interim transit stage, anything could change and you represent the Pastor for leaders and volunteers who have questions or needs.  In addition, you must be present before arrival of Pastor to assist him by parking his car and standing ready for any last minute runs or other needs.  Because we don’t have office space at the church, the pastor needs your presence and assistance to minimize issues that may arise. 

·       NOTE:  COMMUNICATION IS KEY.  If for some reason you are running behind and can’t make the 10am deadline, please communicate this to your assistants, the Pastor’s armor-bearers or someone who can make sure your area is covered.   This should be the exception and not the rule.

Thank you for faithfully serving The Streams Church!  Pastor A. Thomas Hill