Wednesday, December 5, 2018

“A Meeting of Destiny”

We welcome Pastor Gary Regich this evening, 6:45pm, to minister at our Wednesday Healing Service. Pastor Gary teaches a powerful word of faith and healing from the Word of God that has resulted in many receiving their healing over the years. We encourage you to bring friends and family members who are in need of healing to this evening’s service. A time of teaching and demonstration will take place in the sanctuary.

“as he was teaching … the power of the Lord was present to heal them” (Luke 5:17)

I received the following message today from member, Sharon Almanza, that is worth sharing as we anticipate a mighty move of God tonight:

“A couple of thoughts keep coming back to me while in prayer/attitude of prayer, which I submit to you for your consideration:
Tonight is a "destination meeting", much like a "destination wedding".  People are coming together from all over for a common purpose, and will celebrate the event and its outcome.  The words/concept began in my mind as a meeting of destiny, meaning that many are destined/being called/predestined for tonight’s service. Then it was tweaked just a bit (like a lens) until I saw the clarification.  The other is a phrase of a song,
’broken and spilled out.....’”

Sharon Almanza

Your destiny awaits you tonight! Don’t miss it.

Pastor A. Thomas Hill


After last week’s Healing Service, the vision in her eyes is improving! Praise God!!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

We’d like to thank everyone who responded to the call for the Wednesday special Healing Service last evening! The turnout was awesome and the power and presence of God through the teaching of Bill Johnson and the anointed prayer covering of Cindy Trimm was beyond words. I know that there was an impartation of healing in the room of which the residue left with everyone in attendance, and even those who joined us via Livestream. And in the words of Bill Johnson, “protect your peace” and don’t allow the worry and anxiety that you once knew, return and rob you of what God has given you. The power and presence of God has been activated in you and He will complete the work that he has started in you and for you!

We have posted the video teaching and prayer from both Bill Johnson and Cindy Trimm on this page so that you can refresh your faith until we meet next.

We feel the leading of Holy Spirit to continue the Healing Services the second Wednesday of each month. Note it in your calendar and lock it in. Don’t let anything get in the way of the healing God is performing in your life (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” (Phil. 1:6 NIV).

Pastor A. Thomas Hill

Streams Members & Friends:

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


“as he was teaching … the power of the Lord was present to heal them” (Luke 5:17)

The Lord has impressed upon me to call a special “Healing Service” tomorrow (6:45p-8:30pm) during our regular Midweek Study.

There has been a rash of sickness and disease attacking the Body of Christ and family members.  The Fall/Winter season tends to be the time when many are afflicted with illnesses and increased instances of death and near-death experiences.  As I watched a short video teaching by Bill Johnson today entitled, “The Way of Healing”, my spirit was prompted by Holy Spirit to call a special healing service for those who would believe and receive. 

I have also been prompted to request as many of you as possible to FAST throughout the day tomorrow in expectation for a move of God to heal through the presence of Worship and the release of His Word. 

Here is the order for tomorrow:

6:45p-7:10p. The Praise Team will saturate the atmosphere and break up fallow ground with worship as we welcome the presence and power of God into the room. 

7:10p-7:45p.  Powerful video teaching from Pastor Bill Johnson: “The Way of Healing” to get us on one accord and prepare our hearts and minds for a corporate visitation of God’s healing presence.

7:45p-8:30p.  Enter into a time of prophetic worship and prayer for the release and receipt of healing.

The Lord reminded me that it doesn’t take long, rather, it takes a faith-filled heart hungry enough to believe and receive.  Don’t look for a specific time for a release of healing.  It can happen during the opening worship time or even sometime during the teaching.  I truly sense that many will receive their healing during the teaching.

Call those you know who have been waiting for their healing and invite them to join us!  Come with an expectation of healing for yourself or someone you would choose to stand in proxy who can’t make it.  Bring a picture of family members, co-workers, or others who will not be able to make it and lay it on the altar as a point of faith contact.

Calling all members of the GAP Prayer Ministry, Drive-by Prayer Ministry, Daily Prayer-line Ministry, Ministers, Praise Team, and those with the Gift of Healings to assist in tomorrow’s special service.

Pastor A. Thomas Hill

Copy and paste this link and send via text or email to those you know in need of healing: www.thestreams.org/healing