“What are the truly essential things on which your church should focus to make sure that your church’s core vision and mission continues into the next generation?”


We exist to worship by bringing praise to God with the fruit of our lips, and glory to God with the fruit of our lives. We exist to serve by bringing healing to the sinner through salvation, to the saint through edification, and to the world through regeneration, resulting in victorious living through an empowered church.


We exist to glorify God through a lifestyle of worship and servitude


Restored people, restoring places.

Restoring people: to Jesus. (Discipleship, equipping, empowering and serving.)
Restoring places: the product of advancing/building God's Kingdom. (The overflow of a restored life flowing into all aspects of life, family, community, and ultimately the world.)


1. Spirit-sensitive Worship Experience
•  Engaging
•  Relevant
•  Transforming

2. Prayer / Intercession
Ministry founded on it, and must continue in it.

3. Human leadership
•  Approachable
•  Genuine
•  Transparent
•  Authentic

4. Fellowship
(Fulfilling the commandment to love one another - developing bonds)
•  Activities
•  Events (Men, Women, Youth, Families...)
•  Home Groups (Curriculum Focused)

4. Outreach
(Outside the walls)
•  Upon This Rock
•  Childcare

5. Discipleship / Equipping
(Raising servants, imparting culture)
•  Christian Education
•  Fast Track
•  Training / Mentoring
•  Youth Ministry / Integration