Reconciliation Ministries with Bishop Joseph Garlington

Note: The AM sessions are for Reconciliation Pastors & Leaders only (9am-1pm). The PM services are open to the public (6:30p)

Volunteer Work Assignments

Oversee Flow of Conference [Pastor Carol]

Assist Debbie Garlington (Reconciliation Administrator) and oversee volunteers [Lucille Sutton]

Assist Pastor Barbara and (her armor-bearer) [Tuesday Tate & Sharon Thompson-Hill]

Assist Bishop Garlington and (his armor-bearer) [Paul Bateman & Fred Quarles]

Assist Pastor Clarence (Bishop’s Music Minister) [Pastor AJ & Josh Johnson]

Greeters-2 (Day – Main Entrance):


Greeters-2 (Eve – Main Entrance):


Host/Hostesses-4 (Day – Chapel):


Ushers-8 (Eve – NWM Sanctuary):


Praise Team (Eve Svc):  Pastor Carol, Crystal, Ryan, Sharon, Q’Nesia, Josh, Kmart, Pastor AJ, Bass player) 


Sound Board (AM Chapel):

Sound Board (PM NWM):


Easyworship (AM Chapel):

Easyworship (PM NWM):


Camera (AM Chapel):

Camera (PM NWM):


Offering (PM NWM): [Therese Tucker & Ernie Duncan]


Prep/Setup continental breakfast for Pastors (AM)

·     Patty Barnes, Mom Crowe

·     Setup in chapel lobby area (8:30a-1pm).  Replenish as needed.  Prepare for 100.

o   Coffee (decaf & reg) & Tea (hot water) & Juice & Water (suger, sweetners, cream, stirrers, cups, tea bags).  Should have 3 urns (coffee reg, decaf, hot water)

o   Muffins / Danish / Bagels + condiments (cream cheese, butter)

o   Fruit (apples, bananas)

o   Snack bars (Oat, fruit-filled, etc.)

o   Note: Setup Monday evening for Tuesday morning. 


 Prep/Setup for Pastors/Leaders lunch (1pm)

·     Patty Barnes, Mom Crowe

·     Setup fellowship hall/dining room area for lunch, Tuesday morning during morning (NWM class will occupy that space Monday evening until 9:30pm). 

·     Setup buffet style for lunch. 

·     Lunch served at 1pm.

·     Prepare private area for Bishop Garlington and the board and guest presenters (i.e. Conference table in Bishop Johnson’s office). 

Note: we will use Bishop Johnson’s office for Bishop Garlington and Pastor Barbara to unwind before the AM & PM services. 

·     Volunteer:  Need one male and one female host to assist Garlington’s outside office.  Will work with their armor-bearers who will communicate their needs. 


 Transportation (airport/hotel) (AM & PM)

·     Pastors Hill picking up Bishop G, Pastor Barbara & Pastor Clarence (Mon, 1:45p)

·     Pastors Hill: Bishop G & Pastor Clarence to airport Thursday for 6am flight.

·     Pastors Hill: Pastor Barbara to airport Thursday for 9:36am flight.

·     Pastors Hill: Transport Bishop G, Pastor Barbara & Pastor Clarence to and from hotel (Embassy Suites, Michigan Road) – morning and evening sessions.

·     Nathan picking up Bishop Ron Collett @ 5pm Monday. 

·     _________________: Bishop Collett to airport Thursday for 12:40pm flight.

·     _________________: Transport Bishop Collett to and from morning/eve sessions.


 Setup chapel for day sessions (AM)


·     Setup and teardown tables and chairs for day sessions (Monday 6:30p)

o   12 table in square setup (head table closest to pulpit) w/48 chairs

o   12 additional tables throughout w/48 chairs

o   Dress tables

·     Headset mic for Bishop G

·     Two (2) wireless mics to pass around or for worship leader

·     Keyboard & mic (Pastor Clarence)

·     Setup ext cords and power strips for computers around table setup

·     Trash cans in chapel lobby and back of chapel

·     Addtl Notes: Clean stains on floor & wall stains (under God Did It sign)


 Restore chapel after day sessions (Wed-PM)


 Altar Workers (PM) to assist Reconciliation Team


 Nursery workers (PM)?