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Past Christmases, our church has partnered with other organizations to provide gifts to those in need around our city.  This Christmas, we have chosen to focus on one particular family of eight (8) whom we have been praying for a home and the Lord blessed them with a beautiful home just days before Christmas!  Not only that, but the Lord blessed the mother with an ideal job and the children with an ideal school system.  Everything seems to be falling into place, however,

there are still some things that would make this Christmas complete for them. 

Although this is a Christmas benevolent contribution, we would like to get these items to the family before Christmas if at all possible.

Please review the list of suggested gift items needed and let us know what you, your family or group would like to acquire for this family.

We have not given the name of the family on purpose, and trust that you trust us in giving this Christmas season toward a worthy cause.  Your name will be noted on the item that you give.

We have appointed Neiko Gilbert as the point person who can assist with any questions. Feel free to call her at (317) 280-8077 ext 9 with any questions.  Thank you in advance for your heart to give.

Pastors Thomas  & Carol  Hill

Prefer to give a financial gift instead?  Click link below

You can also text the word "GIVE" to (317) 350-0046 and select giving option "Christmas" when asked for giving designation.

If you note the word "Christmas" in any of the giving designations, the gift will be designated for the family and suggested items will be purchased with your financial gift.


A Christmas House & Heart Warming for a Family of 8

Suggested Gift Items

Note: Items highlighted in BOLD font already received.

Living Room

Couch, Love Seat, End tables, Lamps, Rugs, Vase,


Chairs for Dining room table

Silverware, Microwave (preferably black), Paper Towel Holder

Floor Mat (front of sink)

Bathroom (2 Full Baths and One Half)

Throw rugs, Wash cloths, Towels, Toothbrush holder

Soap Dish, Paper towel holder, Shower Curtain, Toilet Paper



(Pink, turquoise, Cream, Gold)

One twin size mattress, Sheets, Pillows, Pillow cases

Curtains for two windows



(Multi girlie colors)

Two twin size mattresses, Sheets, Pillows, Comforters

Dresser, Rugs, Curtain for one window



(Navy, Pink, Green, White)

Toddler Sheets, Pillows, Rugs, Curtains

Comforters for toddler bed


PARENTS master bedroom

(Grey and Steel Blue)

King size bed, Comforter, Sheets, Pillows, Rugs



Other wish list items

Ipad for kids for school

Toys for kids


Potty Chair



Girl (Age 13) – Adult Size Pants (12),Adult  XL Shirt, Size 10 Shoe, Size 7 Panties, 36D Bra

Girl (Age 11) – Size 14-16 Pants, Size 14-16 Shirt, Size 6.5 Shoe, Size 12 Kids Panties, Sports Bra (medium)

Girl (Age 10) – Size 14-16 Pants,  Size 14 – 16 Shirt, Size 6 Shoe, Size 12 Kids Panties, Sports Bra (medium)

Girl (Age 8) – Size 7-8 Pants, Size 7-8 Shirt, Size 2.5 Shoe,  Size 8 Panties, Undershirts (Medium)

Girl (Age 3) – Size 4T Pants, Size 4T Shirt, Size 10 Shoe, Size 4 Panties, Undershirts (Small)

Boy (Age 2) - Size 3T Pants, Size 3T Shirt, Size 9 Shoe, Diapers, Undershirts (Small)