Guest speaker:  Anointed Messenger and Internationally known psalmist and recording artist, Apostle John Stevenson

Guest musician:  Saxophonist extraordinaire, Bryan Thompson.

Living Kingdom

“There’s Life in the Streams!”

What an exciting season it has been for The Streams Church (TSC)!  As we began 2018, the prophetic word spoken by Dr. Tetsola at last year’s anniversary has remained before us as a source of encouragement for us to continue to pray over and confess in anticipation of our move as God directs. 

It is with our theme: “The Year of Kingdom Living,” that our 2018 Fast and Consecration was inspired and directed by God.  We then embarked upon a 14-day spiritual journey unlike any that we’ve ever observed in pursuit of the Kingdom agenda for our lives! It was an incredible journey of spiritual cleansing as we examined the ten gates of the Kingdom in Nehemiah’s day and compared the same to our own lives that need repair for the advancement of Kingdom purposes!  There was such a purging and cleansing as God opened our hearts and minds to the repairing of our “spiritual gates!”   

                Our work at TSC is not only to rebuild the walls for the sake of the Kingdom as Nehemiah did, but also that of building lives of people spiritually.  We are now on another journey through a powerful interactive and enlightening Wednesday evening Bible study of the Parables: “The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like . . . . .” and we are learning some important truths in this study as it relates to “Living Kingdom.”

                Prayer is absolutely necessary for the success in building God’s Kingdom and we witnessed this in Nehemiah’s rebuilding project (Neh. 4:9).  TSC continues to have an active GAP intercessory prayer ministry, weekly prayer with the Pastor, the Daily Prayer line, as well as our Drive-by Prayer Vigils, which is a lifeline for not only our church, but for individuals around our city, nation and world!  Prayer has been proven time and time again to be the key in building and in Living Kingdom!

                As we work together for the purposes of advancing the Kingdom, we realize the importance of maintaining contact with our members and keeping them informed about things that are happening in our midst.  For this purpose we publish a weekly bulletin with useful information, and a monthly calendar; information via the website:, and Livestream of Wednesday Bible Class, and the Sunday Worship Service.  As we continue our “Kingdom Living” focus, we recently instituted “INTENTIONAL WEDNESDAYS,” which focuses on performing acts of kindness and love on Wednesdays!   This allows members to look “outside the four walls of the church” and go into their communities, the market place, etc., as Holy Spirit leads, to reach out to others with acts of kindness!

                The annual UPON THIS ROCK PASSION PLAY, performed every Easter weekend at Pike Performing Arts Center (and now in its 34th year), has been a powerful demonstration of Kingdom collaboration among 65+ churches in our community; a ministry stream of the gospel through performing arts.  Celebrate Recovery has been another stream that flows out of the Unity Center at 21st & Illinois, ministering to those struggling with the stronghold of addictions.  The Drive-by Prayer Vigil stream continues to flow with prayer streaming throughout the troubled areas of our city, targeting the rising tide of homicides and healing hurting families. 

                As much as we desire to see the manifestation of our own physical worship space, we have come to realize that the Kingdom doesn’t require a permanent address to continue its flow. Since our inception in 2003, the Streams have flowed from Indiana Ave, to Century Plaza, to Grandview Drive and presently at W. 38th Street.  As we celebrate this 15th Anniversary of TSC, and as we continue building God’s Kingdom, we are most grateful to God for allowing us to work together and to build bonds with New Wineskin Ministries, under the leadership of Bishop Byron Johnson and Pastor Mark Brown.  This partnership has strengthened our ministry and built up the team spirit in TSC that is so essential for us to build God’s Kingdom and flow together in so many ways.  The flow of partnership with the Food Pantry as well as Sunday School has been rewarding.  We are looking forward to flowing together in June once again for Vacation Bible School, and in October for the Leadership Summit (Dr. Tetsola) and Reconciliation Pastors & Leaders Meeting (Bishop Garlington).

                If anyone should ask how the Streams Church is coming along, just inform them, the Streams are flowing!  Come on in - the water is fine!